Muay-Thai Kickboxing, also called, “the art of eight limbs” as you’ll learn to punch, elbow, knee and kick. Muay-Thai Kickboxing is the national sport of Thailand and is also predominately the most effective striking martial art in self-defence. Are you bored at the gym? Have a hard time being motivated to work out by yourself? Then come try Muay-Thai Kickboxing for an incredible all body workout that will be get muscles moving you didn’t even know you had, increase your flexibility and strengthen you cardiovascular endurance.

Module 1 is your first step in learning Muay-Thai Kickboxing. You’ll get a full body workout learning the “art of eight limbs”. We’ll be going over the basic fundamentals to learn basic strikes, combinations and conditioning.

Module 2 now you’re learning more advanced strikes and combinations. Also you’ll be starting to add in defensive blocks, counters and sweeps.

Strike-Fit Kickboxing Conditioning – This is open to all levels of kickboxing experience and fitness levels. You’ll learn real Muay-Thai Kickboxing techniques but will be adding a cardio blast to get your sweat on. This is only a 45 minute class to get in and out quickly, but still have a feeling of accomplishment and burned a whole lot of calories when you’re done.

In the video above we had Shaw TV come in and do an piece on our Muay-Thai Kickboxing class.

Muay-Thai Kickboxing Instructors

Cody and Kyle striking the thai-pads

Kyle Van Sickle